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Schulman Therapy

The ultimate in deep-tissue massage

More effective than regular massage, Schulman Therapy is one of the best all-natural deep-tissue treatments available; a unique method for relieving the deep muscle tension that causes most aches and pains.

     What is Schulman Therapy good for?

  Back pain


  Neck and shoulder pain

  Pain in joints and extremities

  Support for athletes and active people

  Recovery from injury or surgery

     What makes it better?

  Long-lasting relief

  Stay fully clothed. No oils or creams

  More effective in shorter time

  A slow, deep stretching

  No sharp thumbs or elbows

Schulman Therapy feels completely different from massage, Rolfing, trigger point therapy, or other deep-tissue methods. It was developed by physical therapist Nathan Schulman, RPT, from Lake Elsinore, California.

Call now!

Relief at Last!

Russ Freestone, CST, LMT

   Certified Schulman Therapist

   Licensed Massage Therapist

Boise, Idaho

(208) 378-1377

Available Services
Preferred Provider with Regence BlueShield of Idaho
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