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  "I'm impressed!"
  "Very therapeutic, greater release of tension than standard massage"
  "No one else has been able to get at that spot in my neck"
  "That Schulman guy was on to something"
  "The best muscle treatment I've ever had!"
  "An answer to a prayer!"
  "I feel so much better and relaxed"
  "I feel lighter, I can breathe easier"
  "I would recommend it to anyone"

What are they all talking about? Schulman Therapy!

Compared with other methods

"Schulman Therapy gave me more long-term shoulder, neck, and hip pain relief than other traditional methods I had tried, such as chiropractic and traditional massage."

—Jan, Meridian

"I've had neck and hip pain for years. I've tried doctors, chiropractors, massage, and myofacial release with little results. I found Relief at Last with Schulman Therapy."

—Lana Sorenson, Eagle 

Athletes and active people

“I am a long-distance ultrarunner, and my body takes a pounding from the miles that I log on both the trails and the road. I consider Russ a staple in my training, and I credit him with keeping me running.”

—Jenny Stinson, Boise

“Totally recommend. Much better than getting all greasy in a traditional massage. Great deep tissue work.”

—Emily Berriochoa, Caldwell 

Specific help

"By working and stretching related muscle groups, Russ helped me go from having difficulty bending at the waist because of lower back pain to being able to touch my toes with ease after only a few sessions. He helped me "unlock" the tension in my back. Russ' bodywork is methodical, focused, and therapeutic. He's helped me stay active and pain free. I would recommend Schulman Therapy to anyone with muscle pain or body aches or for anyone who just wants to move better."

—Pat K., Boise

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