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Schulman Therapy Certification

100-hour program

Schulman Therapy can be learned best by involving as many parts of your brain as possible in the learning process. This can be achieved by a combination of the following:

  Observing the instructor
  Working on a client while being coached by the instructor
  Working on the instructor and getting his feedback
  Practicing on as many others as possible to develop a sensitive "feel" through the arm
  Visualizing the therapeutic strokes while you experience the therapy as a client

The following program is designed to fill each of these needs:

Workshop #1  (neck, shoulders)

5 hours     $150

Workshop #2  (low back, hips)

5 hours     $150

Workshop #3  (extremities)

5 hours     $150

Perform 90  30-minute treatments

Document each session with Feedback Form (provided by Relief at Last!) which will contain feedback from clients. Sessions can be paid treatments on clients, or free treatments to friends and family. Begin the first 15 sessions after taking the first workshop, and 15 more sessions after each of the five following workshops.

45 hours          $0

Trade 20 sessions with the instructor

(one hour per trade session)

 20 hours     $700

(20 x $35)


Retake Workshop #1  (neck, shoulders)

5 hours     $125

Retake Workshop #2  (low back, hips)

5 hours     $125

Retake Workshop #3  (extremities)

5 hours     $125

Final exam and certification

An afternoon of observation and critiquing by the instructor as you put into practice what you have learned. Besides performing the proper technique, your manner of dealing with the client will be scrutinized.

5 hours    $200

Program Totals    100 hours  $1725


All classes taught by:  Russ Freestone, CST, LMT of Relief at Last!

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