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Schulman Therapy

What should I expect?

As a client you remain fully clothed, either seated in a chair or lying on a massage table. The therapist uses the side of his arm to apply the pressure. No sharp thumbs or elbows. This spreads the pressure out so it's less painful to work deeply.

He then applies a slow, deep, stretching motion, without sliding over the skin. One of the keys to this method is not sliding. This creates the deep stretching effect. It feels wonderful!

Since it's not necessary to slide, no oils or creams are used. In fact, the therapy is done through clothing, so there is no need to undress.

Schulman Therapy is deeper and more therapeutic than many other bodywork methods. The typical session is 30 to 60 minutes long. (Longer sessions available)

How does it work?

Most body aches and pains aren’t caused by disease conditions but by deep muscle tension.


Muscle comprises over 65% of our bodies. Embedded in our muscle tissue are nerves and blood vessels. Every joint, organ, and gland in our body is affected by the muscular system.


Over time, our muscles gradually become tight from too much or too little activity, injury, or emotional stress. They develop an unhealthy, constant state of tension known as hypertonic spasm. This is different from ordinary spasm, such as muscle cramps.

Hypertonic spasm creates a 24-hour-a-day tension in our bodies that interferes with normal blood flow, pinches nerves, and strains our joints. The natural result is pain.

Schulman Therapy releases this deep muscle tension. Restoring healthy elasticity to our muscles results in:


  greater muscle strength

•  return of normal blood flow

  pressure on nerves is relieved

  joints move more freely

  bones return to natural alignment


Once muscle tension is released and circulation is restored, our bodies can heal themselves.


“I put up with pain in my legs and hips for years. Deep-tissue massage and stretching helped but would never completely alleviate the pain. After my first Schulman Therapy session I knew this is what my body needed. After a few sessions the pain stopped, flexibility increased, and I feel great.”

—Joe Degano, Eagle

Preferred Provider with Regence BlueShield of Idaho
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